Thoughts On Mo’Nique vs Charlamagne The God(The Breakfast Club)


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By now you’re aware that Oscar-winning actress and comedian Mo’Nique wants us to boycott Netflix because they offered her 500,000 dollars for a comedy special. To which, I responded with a loud resounding  HELL NAW! in my best Ms. Sophia voice. I love Mo’Nique dearly, but I can’t rock with you on this one sis. Was the offer trash? Yes. Should Mo’Nique have received more money? Yes. Is there a disparity in wages amongst African Americans in Hollywood, and more specifically African American women in Hollywood? Yes.  Would Mo’Nique be on this crusade if she had been offered what she wanted? I highly doubt it. Did Mo’Nique lose anything from the failed Netflix deal? No, the two parties couldn’t come to an agreement, it happens. Continue reading


New Music: Love Be Back-Kima(of Total)


Kinfolk! Y’all know that I love new music, but I must I admit that I was skeptical when I heard Kima from, from the R&B group Total was going solo. But hearing Kima’s new song ‘Luv Me Back’ I was pleasantly surprised. The track is solid, her vocal is strong, and the hook is solid. The lyrical content is relatable and it doesn’t sound like Kima is trying to fit into what everyone is doing. Take a listen back below: Continue reading

Thoughts On Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Performance

Superbowl LII has come and gone! The Eagles won! Congratulations!  Janet Jackson let us know that she had better and more productive things to do with her time, and Justin Timberlake took the stage to perform at this year’s Pepsi Superbowl Halftime Show.

The performance started off in what looked to be a basement at the Eagle’s football stadium. Then Justin took us on a walk from the basement to the main stage. My first thought was, didn’t he do this at the VMA’s? But anyway he made it to the main stage and transitioned into his new single “Filthy” from the newly released Man of the Woods album. The song and the album did absolutely nothing for me. The sound was horrible, which wasn’t Justin’s fault, but someone should have been on top of this.

Justin then ran through a medley of his most famous songs all while switching between multiple stages located on the field. All the switching between stages was all too much for the time he was alotted. Maybe during a full-length concert, this could have worked, but it didn’t translate well during halftime.

Justin then took it upon himself to pay tribute to Prince since they were in Minneapolis, MN. It was rumored that Justin planned to use a hologram of Prince, but Sheila E got on the horn and killed that. He did project a video of Prince onto a sheet and turned the whole downtown area purple, which I enjoyed. The performance as a whole was lazy and uninspired and didn’t bring me any excitement. The Tennessee Kids (Justin’s Band) was excellent.

Justin could have done better with some guest appearances. Britney Spears is one name that comes to mind. He probably could have got Janet Jackson to perform, had he given her a public apology and got down on his hands and knees and begged. The performance and this new album is a no for me.

Whut, say you?



Watch The ‘Atlanta’ ​Season 2 Trailer’


Kinfolk! The trailer for season 2 of the highly anticipated FX series ‘Atlanta’ is finally here! After series creator Donald Glover informed us we would have to wait until 2018 for season 2, we all took a collective gasp! We can now take a deep breath and prepare for season 2 with this dramatic trailer Continue reading

​Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: The Queens Court


Order In The Court! The Queens Court Is In Session! Is Your Fav On The Docket?

Kinfolk, y’all already know I am always looking for new and interesting podcasts to listen to during my daily commute and also to make the day go by quickly. I am back with another installment of “Podcasts You Should Be Listening To”

The Queens Court Podcast hosted by the dishonorable judges TS Madison & Khia. This podcast was birthed from the hilarious roast sessions that TS Madison and Khia frequently did on Facebook Live. So it only made sense to create a podcast, website, and YouTube channel after these videos went viral and had everyone talking. TS Madison & Khia put your favs on the docket and roast the entire f*ck out of them! It’s all in jest of course so please don’t take them too seriously. This is no different from what Charlamage The God, Wendy Williams, and countless others have built their brands on. The only difference is their brand of roasting is raw, uncut, and not for the faint of heart.

If you have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself or your favs too seriously take a listen. Subscribe to The Queens Court HERE

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TS Madison and Khia go live at 10 p.m. CPT(Colored People Time)

Is you live whore!?!

Whut, say you?